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Carlos Zacarias

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Dr. Carlos Zacarias
President, INP, Republic of Mozambique


Mr Carlos Zacarias completed a Master in Petroleum Geology, in 1992, at the Petrochemical Superior Institute of Baku, (Ex-USSR),
currently Republic of Azerbaijan. In 1995, he joined the Ministry of Natural Resources and Energy, and the Nacional Department for Coal
and Hydrocarbons where he held various roles; namely supervising the exploration and production activities that led to the discoveries
of resources in Inhassouro and the Njika Field. Additionally he was member of the Interministerial Comitee for the Implementation of the Project of Natural Gas in Pande and Temane.#

In 2005, he was appointed Administrator of the Department of Projects and Development of the National Petroleum Insitute (INP), having contributed to the ellaboration of the proposal for the Regulation of Licensing of oil infrastructure and monitoring condensed
natural gas production and transportation. In the year 2008, he was nominated Administrator of the Department of Exploration of INP
where he oversaw different areas as Member of the Board, namely supervising the exploration activities which led to the discovery of soft
oil in Inhassouro and gas in the Njika field, and also, the discovery of the gas fields in Rovuma, as well as their appraisal.

Currently he is the President of the Board of INP, nominated in August 2015, leading the negotiations in concession contracts of exploration in place in the Basins of Mozambique and Rovuma, as well as regulating and monitoring the activities of exploration and production of natural gas in Mozambique.