The Landscape in Mozambique

Approximately 75 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas was recently discovered in the offshore Area 1 of the Rovuma Basin and approximately 95 trillion cubic feet in the offshore Area 4 of the same Rovuma Basin and are to be two of the most important offshore gas developments on the continent, spearheaded by Total.

These discoveries represent an extraordinary opportunity for the Mozambican economy to take a significant leap from being a least developed country (LDC) to becoming a middle income country.

Given these finds, the Strategic African Content and Suppliers Summit (SACS), is the only platform to be the bridge between NOC/IOC and the oil and gas value chain, addressing local content and the supply chain opportunities at the heart of the debate. SACS is uniquely positioned to share best practices and opportunities across the whole of Africa.

With COVID19 a part of our daily lives, local content has become ever more important - ensuring capacity building and opportunities for the people of Mozambique. The responsibility is now on the operators to utilise the value chain to develop the infrastructure to exploit the reserves, generate exports and bring revenue into the countries.

SACS is uniquely positioned to address the much-needed supply chain questions, providing a catalyst to ensure these developments take place.